I serve as the unofficial primary photographer for GreenSpeed Magazine. This is mostly because the founder is my brother-in-law (see Katie and Jeremy below). While I'm not really a car enthusiast, I did purchase a Prius after my previous car died. photographing for GreenSpeed gives me a chance to get my work out to the public, help my brother-in-law out and get cool swag at the Chicago Auto Show. Since I shot hundreds of photos each visit, I decided to pick my favorite concept cars from the show.

Cadillac Converj


Kia Ray


Studio I Final project, December 2007 - What started as an exploration of what people's books, movies and music say about them became the story of the connection between a friend and me.  On a whim, I called my friend Dan, who I met almost ten years ago in 7th grade, to model for this project.  I'm not sure why I thought to call him, considering I had only seen him less than five times since we graduated from high school in 2003, but I did and my focus changed.  Dan and Me is now an exploration of our relationship after all these years.




Foundations of photography II/Darkroom II Final project, December 2006 - In the fall of 2006, The Neo-Futurists Theatre Company produced their original show, Drag.  For this project, I documented the show.  Since I have been volunteering with The Neo-Futurists for several years, I was allowed to photograph backstage as well as during the show, really capturing the gender transformations.




Digital II Assignment, October 2007 - The assignment was to make a portfolio of 20 images on the subject of one color.  I decided to do a series of self-portraits of me throughout my day, only to make my skin really desaturated and my hair really red.  After doing this assignment, I will no longer chicken out on dying my hair really red.




Digital Imaging I Final project, May 2007 - Some people have musical talent, some don't.  The videogame Guitar Hero allows the latter group a chance to live out their dreams of becoming a rock star.  In this project I transformed nerdy theatre major Greg Guiliano into a rock star.  I created the merchandise for his imaginary band, Wait Think Fast.




Engagement photos, December 2009 - My sister and brother-in-law were married on July 11, 2010. These photos were taken at the Anderson Art Center and Southport Beach House in Kenosha, WI.




Digital Imaging II Final project, December 2007 - In August 2006 I moved from a studio apartment in Wrigleyville to a 1 bedroom apartment in Logan Square.  When my mom first came to visit, she said, "You kind of live in Little Mexico."  I argued that I could now get tacos any time I want.  About a year after moving to the neighborhood, my purse was stolen while I was riding my bike home one night.  In this project I took pictures of different places in my neighborhood during the day and at night.  I created diptychs each scene to show what a difference the time of day makes in this neighborhood.




Foundations of photography/Darkroom I & II, 2005-2006 - Various self portraits taken during my first two sets of photography classes.