I worked as a Volunteer Production Assistant for Milwaukee Public Radio's Lake Effect. I mostly edited interviews for the show. I have created a comprehensive list of the interviews I have edited. My edit is not usually the final cut, but I do the grunt work of cutting out all the um's, uh's and ramblings. You can view the list of interviews here. You used to be able to stream them as well, but unfortunately their archives don't go that far back.

I also was given the opportunity to interview two guests (knitting related, of course).

Debbie Stoller – author of the Stitch n' Bitch books
Jan Massie – owner of Oak Creek's Just 4 Ewe and founder of Milwaukee's annual Sheep in the City retreat.


– Chicago Sport and Social Club (:30)

– Metra (:15)

– My Child's Room (:60)

– Saves The Day Concert: pre-sale (:60)

– Saves The Day Concert: post-sale (:60)


– "All You Need Is Love" Liner (:16)

– Death Cab For Cutie Remote promo (:45)

– "Debate Exposes Doubt" ID (:05)

– Fall Break promo (:60)

– "First Day of My Life" ID (:05)

– "Four Winds" ID (:05)

– Freaks and Geeks Liner (:11)

– "Heretics" ID (:05)

– Lin pizza Liner (:15)

– "Message in a Bottle" Liner (:23)

– Morning Show promo (:45)

– New Year's Eve promo (:60)

– Web promo (:30)

– "White Collar Boy" ID (:05)

– "Work" Liner (:12)

– XRT Liner (:03)

– XRT is... promo (:30)

– XRT is... promo (:60)


My teacher for Radio Production III is the production Director for WSCR 670 (The Score), so he had us make spot breakers for the station from audio he supplied and our own music.

– Spot Breaker 1 (:05)

– Spot Breaker 2 (:05)

– Spot Breaker 3 (:07)

– Spot Breaker 4 (:07)

– Spot Breaker 5 (:05)

Frustrated Grad Podcast

I intend to be a regular contributor to The Frustrated Grad podcast. I went to school with Zac and Dale and have found my post college life to be frustrating as well.

– Frustrated in the 'Burbs: Bon Jovi (2:00)

Other Production

– Bright Eyes Feature (9:30) – Feature on the musical group Bright Eyes (circa 2005)

– Coley Encounters Murphy's Law While Shaving (2:45) - Short produced narrative

– Dishes (:60) – The directive was to take 3 sounds and create a :60 piece with them.  This was what I came up with.

Phyllis (9:27) – **2008 Radio Senior Awards Winner - 1st place, Documentary** Long form piece about my grandmother's experience with my grandfather's stubbornness and her own isolation. Due to personal reasons, this track is not available here, but if you would like to listen to it, please contact me.

– pseudo Demo: (2:00) – I sat down to create your typical 2 minute demo, but ended up making this instead.  I'm kind of a nerd like that.