>Not From The Store
My mother operates a sewing business from her home. I originally created a responsive website for her as a project, but updating the site was too hard for her to do herself. I switched it to Wordpress for its ease of use and plugins that would automatically post her Instagram and Facebook posts.

Image Management
While working as a web developer, I designed and built two sites for clients.

Fuhrman Insurance


Another big part of my work with Image Management was creating HTML newsletters for a client. I would receive a PSD (Adobe Photoshop file) or a marked up PDF of a previous newsletter and then write the code. The link below brings you to a list of these newsletters.
HTML Newsletters

One of the great things about PHP is the ability to create reusuable blocks of code that can be called within other files. The only problem is that when you view the source of a web page written in PHP, you don't actually see the PHP code, just the code that is pulled in from different PHP files. Since this website contains my portfolio of work, I decided to include a file so you can see the way I structured my site using PHP.

coleyverbick.com in PHP

School Exercises
As a student, I created many things during classes. Below is a link to some of the highlights.

School Exercises

PHP Exercises

Hit Counter

Guest Book

Message Board

Song Organizer

jQuery Exercises

Sweater - jQuery slider

Knit Picks Yarn Comparison Chart - jQuery alternate row coloring

Knitting Pattern with Size Switcher

Restaurant Menu that changes to Vegetarian with the click of a button

"Submit Your Cryptid Sighting" - uses many jQuery User Interfaces