Coley is a recent grad of Gateway Technical College with a degree in Web Development and certificates in Graphic Communications - Web Design and Social Media. She received the Scholastic Award, which is awarded to the student with the highest GPA in each degree program. She also has a BA from Columbia College Chicago in Radio Broadcasting with a Photography minor.

How does one go from radio to web development? Surprisingly, banking. After a layoff, Coley followed the advice of the career counseling service included in her severance package and put her ear to the ground (and Twitter) to discover there is a major need for web and mobile app people in radio. She also thought it was a good idea to study the technology that essentially eliminated her teller position. Coley has been playing with websites since she was a teen, so learning how to take her code out of 1999 seemed like a good plan.

In addition to writing code, Coley knits. A lot. Pretty much any time her hands are free and it's relatively appropriate. Coley also skates with the Brewcity Bootleggers, the recreational league of Milwaukee's Brewcity Bruisers. On the track she is known as Knit Purl Kill (which was supposed to be a take on BTK, but she realized only knitters would get the reference of "Bind-off Tourture Kill"). Coley also enjoys walking her mother's dog. She hopes to move to a place where she can have her own.

While Coley currently lives in Kenosha, WI (about halfway between Milwaukee and Chicago), she is interested in moving to Madison, WI, Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis or DC. But realistically, if there's a decent yarn shop and a roller derby league, it would be worth considering.